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Chapter 1 – A country lass

I was brought up in a bungalow beneath a wooded copse, on top of a gruelling hill that my legs swore at daily. As a child I would spend more time outside than in and I assume this  is where my closeness to nature and my path started.

I spent many hours, hands in the earth, making mud pies and clay huts in miniature, lashing twigs together weaving them in and out both on a small and grand scale. Fenced in wooded areas beneath the shade of trees and bushes felt so homely to me. I always dreamed of living in the wild, and with a tense upbringing my thoughts of running and escaping to its freedom were at the forefront of my mind. Even today the country calls me, it pulls me from deep within.

To me I will always be a country lass, a ‘gypsy’ a ‘free spirit,’ bare footed and long curly hair, rosy cheeks and a smile – bliss!

I used to collect fir cones to comb my hair, studied nature, wild foods and trees. Kept a bag hidden outside the house – my knapsack, with oxo cubes, matches and an old kettle in ready for departure.

Whenever I was upset or reprimanded I would run barefoot to my sanctuary within the woods, many times clambering through the bathroom window to lessen the distance and time. I felt at home and protected within the trees. Even today I feel drawn to them, feel them, sense something beyond explanation, see and feel beauty around but wish I could be part of it in a much deeper way.

Animals were my friends. I spoke to them both aloud and mentally. We were part of something much more important. I was a loner and preferred their company to people, always have. They were to prove important in my life, without an animal beside me I was nothing, numb, depressed, having no purpose. But to have a friend near who loved you unconditionally, I felt valued and part of something special.

I saved many a wild bird or mouse from the clutches of our cats. They would be boxed within a straw bed, nurtured and kept until they had the strength to be released to the wild, or were sent peacefully onwards following their last breath. I chased butterflies, caught slow worms, watched lizards and laughed at grasshoppers, admired the depth of the colour of a cowslip and blew the dandelion seeds as far as they could go. Ran through green grass and sat beneath the trees, throwing helicopter seeds to watch them fly. Marvelled at the dew clinging to a cobweb and sat waiting outside badger setts in hope of a glimpse of Brock.

I look back on this part of my life and feel a love, a tenderness and an impact within me, this was life that I felt happy around and within. Little did I know there was a big wide world out there that ate woodland sprites like me for breakfast.

I was the black sheep of the family and could never stay in one place, needed to be free and no one could clip my wings – until the life beyond the countryside, the claws of the cities and of greed, hate, monotony and industry started to catch me and reel me in as bait.

Chapter 2 – Andy found the angel within

What I experienced in the following years I do not regret now. I have become stronger, compassionate, understanding and more loving and giving. I would not wish my troubled experiences upon anyone, but it was a necessary part of my growth. I can now look back and forgive and believe in fate. Everything happens for a reason and I was not ready until 36 years later when I had a spiritual awakening. The following chapters are extracts from this part of my life, the confusion, the love, the fear, the awe, the friendships I finally allowed and the real me that was found beneath al the past. I have gone form a naive country lass to a loving sensual spiritual woman who believe sin herself and can share her love openly, because one person helped find the angel within. I will always be indebted to this special person who connected with me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, offered help and guidance and expected nothing in return.

I now continue this and offer the same to others, I know how one person can make a difference in your life at the right time. My guide helped me find myself, my path, showed me the meaning of true friendship and stayed beside me as I grew. He helped me find the person that was dying to be free. He not only connected on a deeper scale than any other, he put me in control and showed me how to fly.

I will always be indebted to Andy who helped me at my loneliest time. I found someone who shined so brightly and was the real angel who gave me that step up into my life. Words will never be enough to express my thanks to him, but I will always be Andy’s angel, as it is he who opened my eyes to hope, love, faith, spirit and beyond.. Each person I touch or connect with or help, needs to know it has come from a higher good, a greater love and I am honoured to have a part of that within me. I am just the messenger, and I hope I can touch others as he did me, and make them feel special and smile once more.

chapter 3 – survival and confusion

Believe there is something better out there. Trust in yourself and you will be shown the way forward. When you are ready, your teacher will find you.

The following hopefully makes compelling reading. It contains records of the start of a journey and of a new spiritual path of life being opened up to me as it occurred and those who helped me see it. I am still looking for the reasons why, and my life’s journey to date is to be one I still respectfully mock – because it is a burden in one way and I question if I can do it justice and why I was chosen, as I felt I was nothing more than a lost cause trying to find my way, but now am able to pursue that which is seems is part of my destiny.

In February 2004 I connected to something through Andy that was to change my life. At the time I believed Andy was the other half of my whole, making my soul smile and my heart happy. I felt torn when apart but still felt close. My love for him was beyond understanding. I knew I belonged at that time, spiritually, and it was important, but in the physical world it was not our path to be together. No one had touched my spirit, my soul and my being with such an intensity, and until I found Luke in 2008, I never believed anyone would again. Andy was to me my guardian angel in human form, my protector, my messenger, my connection to an awareness that brings the questions to the answers we already know.

Love is not just a feeling it is an action, and I want everyone to be able to feel it at least once. So I give love to all that cross my path, see the beauty in each and every one of them. If I can make someone smile, make a difference, then I know my path is true.

I hope by reading the extracts in this book of my journey, you will feel the love from within me and welcome it into your heart. I give it freely and hope one and all begin to see the beauty of life s journey and acknowledge how special you are and pass this on to others.

I do not look back in anger or sorrow now of my childhood, teens and young adult experiences over the years. it has been a journey of gaining knowledge and strength as it is still. I am proud of the person I have become and I intend to show and tell others who doubt or don’t feel loved, feel lost or misguided, think it will never get better, or question ‘why me’ – believe that the truth will come through.

Everyone has their own path, it is your decision whether to be what you want, or to sit back and watch the world go by. If something feels right to you, trust your instincts. See life for what it is – the path to your own destiny. You can be in control. No one says it’s not going to be easy, but the rockiness of the path only makes the smooth parts more welcoming and noticeable.

If I survived, so can you. You have a soul and a heart inside you – let it guide you. The world is out there, the sky is not your limit – you are.. Believe, trust and see the beauty, feel the freedom and pass on what you learn.

chapter 4 – visions and dreams

As a child I would dream, fascinating dreams. I would run down our steep path , jump off the bank at the end and fly. I saw myself, didn’t need to flap my arms, I glided and soared and controlled my direction. I was initially running from someone, my pain, but flying was freedom, escape. i had total control. i could stop and start as i wished, I didn’t always fly. i walked and ran tirelessly without effort. even within the dream i questioned if it was a dream, and I pinched myself to see if it hurt – it did lol, but then Id still wake up in the morning !

I flew down neighbours gardens and around the local valley. I saw colours, I saw dust, I saw sky, I saw people. I could land and adventure into territory unknown. But I remembered many journeys when I woke, and questioned ares, discovering where I had travelled in my dreams really existed. I realised I could go places in my dreams before I actually had been there, or even knew they were there.

Twenty plus years on my ‘de ja vu’ recalls dreams and I am suddenly visiting places and recalling events and actions – even discussions I had experienced within these dreams. Other times I could be there days following a dream.

I knew I had dreams of events that came true, but even now I fear ridicule, but such things are more accepted now. So perhaps it is time to be heard. I know I need to do this – always said I would write a book. I wanted to inform others of messages and of my life that had been happening within it.

I admire so many people who show courage and understand how they find the strength where more fortunate people wouldn’t. It is about being ready, even being chosen to be heard. I am still a nobody but it is not me doing this alone but something beyond driving me because I have to. I don’t understand and I don’t know if I ever will, but I know it feels right and to that end, these words need to be read.

One dream I remember that is nagging to be told – I was picked up by a helicopter type machine from my mums front garden. It had pilots in it with huge helmets like airforce ones, and came to collect me. I don’t recall the journey after, but this dream happened more than once, it was like a rescue mission to get me away. It keeps coming back to mind and no doubt dream interpretation will hit on its meaning, but I still have questions and havent deciphered it fully yet, perhaps there is a message within – time will tell.

chapter 5 – A mothers love

One thing I remember throughout my life is I always wanted to be loved, and this got me into so many situations and even desperation of being accepted led to a number of marriages. Again a learning curve and I have a son and a daughter who I know have an emotional empathy and insight carried within them.

I couldn’t regret this part of my life because that would be regretting my children. They, as I have, have been victims of circumstance, and tho it may not have been said enough, I love them dearly and hope they travel on a happier path than I experienced, and opened them up to.

I cannot be something I am not, and as a mother I know I failed in many ways, but my children have a part of me inside them and I will always be with them, however far away I really am, and I will always carry my love for them inside me when apart.

Monty and Marina – I love you and always will, may you be happy, healthy and succesful in all you wish to do, you are my angels and I’m sorry we could not be together, but you will always be watched over and loved by me x

et cetera